Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The recap will recommence

As soon as we're done moving!

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That's right, next week Calvin and I are moving to NYC! It's been quite a whirlwind since he received the job offer on Friday, but I promise once we have relocated to the east coast, I will post about our reception as well as the surprises we had in store for our guests.

In the meantime, anyone have any tips for surviving an inter-state move?

Friday, July 4, 2008

I Do

And then it was time for the ceremony.

First the moms:

Calvin's parents

My mom, escorted by my brothers

The bridal party:

Youngest brother Dahlia and Sister-in-law

Younger brother Dahlia and future sister-in-law

Maid of honor and best man- our two best friends in the world

Calvin is calm, cool and collected

The flower girl and ring bearer are getting ready to go

Walking down the aisle

Walking with my dad. Note that I'm looking around, instead of straight ahead. I was so taken by all of the friends and family that had joined us that I forgot to look at Calvin until I was pretty much all the way down the aisle.

Almost there...

The scene from the balcony

Lovely bridesmaids

The best man kept a hand on the ring bearer, who really was carrying our wedding bands.

Listening to the brief message from the minister

Vow action shot

Another vow action shot

After the exchange of rings

The congregation

We knew from the beginning that we wanted the service to be a worship service, which for us included offering communion to the church. At the minister's suggestion, we assisted in the serving, and asked my mother (who just graduated from seminary!) to also serve communion.

And then....

The kiss.

Shall we go?

We're married!

In the "privacy" of the back of the church...

We had to kiss a little more

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*All pictures courtesy of the fabulous Ken Blaze.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To the chapel

Calvin and I arrived at the church a bit behind schedule.

(The original plan was to be at the church by 1:30, but we didn't get there until just before 2. The ceremony was to begin at 3.)

And then it was time for the family photos. Neither of us are big on the posed pictures, so this only took about 15 minutes for the 5 different shots that that we wanted.

Calvin's immediately family.

Calvin's extended family.

My immediate family- note that I'm 6' in heels, and I'm still among the shortest in my family.

My extended family. (Minus my two uncles and an aunt, who missed the message. I didn't really care.)

All of our extended family.

Amazingly, by the end of the posed pictures, we were actually right on schedule- it was only 2:15. (You can take care of all the posed family pictures in 15 minutes!)

Tip: Know exactly what posed pictures you want, and make sure everyone knows what time they will be taken.

At this point, the ladies all headed down to the "bride's dressing room", also known as a ridiculously huge women's restroom.

It was a bit nostalgic for me, since it was in this room that I would get ready for various plays/pageants/Christmas tableaus I was in when I was a kid and teen.

A little touch-up

A little pizza. The flower girl very politely asked me if she could have some pizza, and I said it was no problem, so long as she was willing to wear some sort of bib over her white dress.

(Note that in the background, I am sitting down and my red shoes are off.)


The ring-bearer wanted in on the pizza as well.

Meanwhile, the guys were in the minister's office.

Until they heard from someone* that there was pizza downstairs

They wanted in on the action

Brother and sister

A little pep talk

Getting ready to go

Final prep, and then it's showtime!

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*pizza tip and all pictures courtesy of Ken Blaze.