Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The recap will recommence

As soon as we're done moving!

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That's right, next week Calvin and I are moving to NYC! It's been quite a whirlwind since he received the job offer on Friday, but I promise once we have relocated to the east coast, I will post about our reception as well as the surprises we had in store for our guests.

In the meantime, anyone have any tips for surviving an inter-state move?

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midwest transplant said...

1. Change bank account as soon as you get to the city (often times deposits for apartments have to be either in-state, which you clearly don't have, or from a bank, but you won;t know the exact amount until you find an apartment). So prepare to set up a new account and deposit a large amount quickly, or otherwise discuss with bank and broker. You can also do electronic transfers, so make sure that you have all the account info and phone numbers.
2. Address changes are a HUGE hassle. Start thinking now about everything/ everyone you will need to inform.
3. When moving have a separate suitcase with clothes for a long weekend, including toiletries, bedding and a tool kit! (maybe music for unpacking?)
4. Decorating may make a house a home, but I like to make sure there are basics like milk and cereal in the house first.
5. Try not to stress, its not all going to go smoothly, boxes may take a while to unpack, but eventually it all comes together.