Monday, October 27, 2008

A little time for us

Early in the wedding planning, we knew that we wanted to take some time in between the ceremony and the reception just for us. I don't generally like being the center of attention, and it was important for both of us to get a bit of a break and have a little time just for us.

First stop was a tea house on Murray Hill that we would visit when we were just friends.

And some chess- since that was how we initially got together. No, that's not a beer- I opted for iced tea.

Shortly after we arrived, my best friend and maid-of-honor appeared. She'd been planning on going to get mocha at our favorite coffee shop, but at the last minute decided that tea was what she really wanted. I hadn't mentioned anything about our plans to hit up Algebra- but there we were, and there she was.

Competition was fierce...

...and ended in a stalemate.

After the game, we ended up with about 45 minutes before the reception, so we headed to a Cleveland landmark- the West Side Market.

Before going into the market, Calvin bustled my dress


Meat- not just any meat, mind you, but Hungarian meat.

People clapped and cheered when we walked by

View from the balcony...

that was inhabited by a homeless looking President of the Association for Magyar Awareness. He was emphatically NOT Hungarian.

All photos courtesy (and copyright) of Ken Blaze.
The beginning
Getting ready
First Glance
To the Chapel
I Do
Receiving Our Guests

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