Monday, July 9, 2007


One of the things about wedding planning is this discussion of "colors."

Shortly after we were engaged, curious friends and family began asking us about our colors.

What do you mean we are supposed to have colors? What kind of a lame idea is that? Why do we need to have a theme to the wedding? Shouldn't getting married be enough?

In reality, though, it seems that deciding on colors would be useful to do. It would make the decision making process easier because there would be fewer choices that would coordinate. Only thing is, this means that we would have to actually make a decision about colors. And there are an infinite number of colors and combinations.

Our first thought was navy blue. The chairs in the ballroom are navy, and it would coordinate, as we will not be wasting money on chair diapers or expensive chivari chairs. But what colors would go with navy? Whites and creams. Not a fan of pink, nor the all blue look. Mixing in red would be a bit too patriotic. Yellow and its variants, would make the wedding the colors of my grad school, which is problematic, as I (and my family) supports my grad school's arch enemy.

So we tossed around the idea of green.

Image from the knot.
But it didn't seem like it would fit too well with the ballroom. And how does it represent us/jazz/vintage/historical/hip/modern/classic all at the same time? (Unfortunately, we have demands for these colors).

I made an "inspiration" board, like the ladies over at Weddingbee.
Calvin and I looked at it, and looked at it, and just didn't like the vibe the virtual collage was giving off.

On a whim (and with the help of the paint can tool), I made a couple of quick changes.

And it all seems to just flow so much better.

So it looks like we have colors- burgundy and champagne. Which is fabulous, given how much wine we seem to drink.

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