Friday, July 27, 2007

I have to tell people what to wear?

Since I have purchased my dress, then next thing that people immediately ask is, "what are the bridesmaids wearing?"

The idea of telling people what to wear makes me uncomfortable, especially if it involves telling grown women to spend $100+ on cheap polyester dresses they will never wear again. However, I do like the idea of a cohesive look to the wedding, and perhaps having the bridesmaids in dresses from the same place in the same color would work well.

That brings me to J. Crew. I have been a fan of their wedding collection since it came out a couple of years ago. Simple, classic, awesome dresses that are easily worn again. Their Sophia dress is great as a wedding gown, and would have been my dress had it been slightly larger in the bust. Plus, it is flattering to most figures.

I did purchase the short Sophia dress in silk chiffon when I found it in my size on the clearance rack, and it is fabulous.

Ann Taylor also has some great dresses, such as the Christine dress below, although in general I find them to be a bit less stylish than the J Crew dresses.

Never having been a bridesmaid, I have no idea what is acceptable as far as directing what attendants should wear. Thoughts?


Marissa Eve said...

Meg and Calvin:

Go for the Goddess. Its got swing!!

Or maybe we could order all three from the store and see how they look in person? Then you could decide which one you like best!

I love the colors, by the way. They are very YOU.

Meg said...

Or maybe you could just pick which one you like the best :-)