Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bridesmaid Gifts

I couldn't blog about it before the wedding (since I know that some of the ladies in the bridal party read this), but I wanted to share what I did to thank the lovely ladies who stood up with me.

Borrowing heavily from Mrs. Onion, I got a couple of small items for each woman, put together nicely and these awesome storage containers from Ikea.

Each box contained one of the following:

1 pair of earrings from Dasha Boutique, with each pair selected specifically for the lady.

1 Threadless t-shirt, again a different one for each lady, based on their own interests.
1 cosmetic bag from J. Crew

1 soap in a jar from Etsy seller dennisanderson, each a different scent. (I'd highly recommend ordering from Dennis- the soaps smelled absolutely amazing, and turnaround time on the order was really fast.)

Each of the lovely women seemed to really like their gift, and appreciate the thought that went into selecting personalized gifts.

What are you giving to your attendants?

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