Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another honeymoon highlight

A Balinese cooking class! Calvin and I, being the foodies that we are, were really excited to take a cooking class while on our honeymoon.

We had heard about a couple of places to go, and ended up at Bumi Bali for a 5 hour cooking class, which included a tour of the Ubud Market.

The market:

Entering the market

Heading to the lower level where most of the food is sold

Everything is carried or stored in these baskets

Lots of different types of peppers!

Surprisingly, a lot of the produce is imported from other parts of Indonesia (or the world.)

After a tour of the market, we headed back to the restaurant for our cooking class, where we learned to make seven different dishes.

Calvin mixing together vegetables

Tuna sambal matah

mixing up the meat for sate lillit

A recipe for shrimp from the instructor's mother.

The food was really good- and we received a cookbook of all of the different recipes we cooked (as well as many others to try.)

Is anyone else taking a cooking class on their honeymoon?

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