Sunday, November 23, 2008

dinner and dessert

And then it was time for the guests to enter the ballroom!

We had only two toasts, both scheduled before dinner.

My dad went first...

(I was so happy!)

followed by the best man

A bit of man love.

After grace was said, it was time to dig in.

Vegetarian tastiness...

...and food for the carnivores

The entire ballroom

And then dessert was served. You may recall that instead of having wedding cake, we opted for rose creme brulee.

It was absolutely perfect for us to have a bit of time, enjoying ourselves, and not necessarily be the complete center of attention like the traditional cake cutting

Plus, there is no possibility of the dreaded cake smash

All photos courtesy (and copyright!) of the amazing Ken Blaze.
The beginning
Getting ready
First Glance
To the Chapel
I Do
Receiving Our Guests
A little time for us

Let the party begin!
Sneak Peak


Pink Thumb said...

Haha You and CALVIN look fantastic! Is this your regular blog?

dahlia said...

Thanks, Anita! Yes, it is a regular blog- I made a deal with myself to not post non-wedding things until the recap is done, but in another post or two it will be my regular blog.