Friday, August 17, 2007

finished our first "DIY project"

Okay, so while I do think of myself as being a bit on the crafty/creative side, even though I don't have much of an outlet for it, there is one bit of DIY project that Calvin and I have completed thus far. It took about 2 minutes, and was the result of the deadly combination of sick days, bronchitis, generic dayquil and an empty wall in our apartment. (May I add, who actually gets bronchitis in June? It was ridiculous. And we were both sick for a week).

Check out our brainstorming board.

You know it is amazing.

Closeup of the bottom, where we were brainstorming various words that reflect our relationship.

Our completely, 100% not to scale floorplan of the cocktail and reception area.

In all seriousness, though, it has been extremely helpful to have a large space on which to write out ideas. Both Calvin and I are big visual learners, so it really helps to have everything visible.

Now, in case anyone hasn't already figured it out, all we did was tape 3 pieces of aluminum foil to the wall. Because of the previously mentioned drug induced state, they were not even at all. Doesn't matter. If you have aluminum foil, tape, and dry erase markers, you are good to go.

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