Friday, August 24, 2007

Why chess and coffee?

After blogging for awhile, I realized that I have not properly discussed the name, "chess and coffee."

"Why," you ask, "is your site named chess and coffee? That doesn't seem very wedding-y."

That is a great question, and I would be delighted to answer.

Calvin and I met in college, and become good friends during the last summer of college. Both of us were working on campus; he was involved in the IT department, and I was doing AMRE. He liked to play chess, and I wanted to learn. With mutual friends, we spent the entire summer together, playing chess and doing random things, like driving to Arkansas to go to a movie theater that has the same uncommon name as our friend.

In the fall, we both worked/lived in a non-profit coffee house program. Not long after the semester started, after eating dinner together every night, and staying up late playing chess and drinking coffee and wine, we decided to call a spade a spade and started dating.

As far as why that is the name of this site, well, we wanted something that reflected us and/or our wedding date. Various combinations of our names were taken, and we thought that our wedding date itself was kinda cheesy. In reflecting on our relationship, chess and coffee were two key words that stood out. So there you have it. Chess and coffee- could you ask for a better match?

From China

(actually, they are playing Go, but let's pretend they are playing chess)
to Egypt

to the USA

Everyone loves Chess and Coffee.

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