Tuesday, August 21, 2007

getting the ring- the saga

When we first were considering settings, we went to several local jewelers. Abracadabra seemed nice, but small. Austin and Warburton was high quality, with a similarly high price tag. And then we stumbled on what we thought was a winner, rated by local newspapers' readers' polls as the best jeweler in town.

They ordered stones for us, and we found the perfect one. Given the type of setting I wanted- low profile, half bezel set- it had to be a custom ring.

Long story short, the ring was originally made in the wrong metal, so they remade it. In the meantime, Calvin proposed to me sans ring. The ring came in, and it looked lovely:

Only problem was, six weeks later, the stone was loose. The whole reason I wanted that type of setting was so that the ring wouldn't be loose. Back it went, and it came back fixed. A month later, it was loose. Back it went, and it came back fixed. Less than two weeks later it was loose again. Back it went, and they recognized that it wasn't made properly in the first place.
Lewis Jewelers pledged to remake it with some slight modifications, and we came in to examine a wax cast of the ring with the stone. Only problem is, the stone was chipped. Significantly. It was now .02 carats smaller than it was before.

Calvin was refunded his money, and we were back to square one.

I now have a fabulous new ring in a slightly updated design that is oh so comfortable to wear. From Abracadabra:

The jeweler's comments on the ring are
This Custom made ring is a unique one all around! The center stone is an oval Red Spinel with great fire. The customer choose the ring design, as a take on a tension mount, but with a bridge underneath for sizing and stability. Channel set diamonds run in two ribbons along the side of the center stone. The ring is cast in an up and coming metal, Palladium. Palladium has many of the same properties as Platinum. It's whiter, has increased wear resistance, a pure 950 metal, and is more resistant to tarnish. The romantic twist? Palladium is named after the Greek Goddess Pallas. She is the Goddess of Wisdom, the Arts, and the embodiment of Purity & Strength. Who wouldn't want a bit of that in their ring?"

While Calvin did most of the work with Steven, the owner of Abracadabra, all of my interactions with the people who work there have been fantastic. You can check out more of the amazing work of Abracadabra here.

Did anyone else have issues or complications with their engagement rings? If you did, how was it resolved?

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Calvin said...

I cannot say enough good things about Abracadabra. Working with the owner, Steven, was a thrill. He is incredibly passionate about what he does and would keep me lingering at the store on every visit to talk about stones and share stories.
These people truly care about the quality of their work and the jewelers with whom they coordinate.

...and Lewis can burn.