Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Invitations- they are more than a piece of paper

To follow up last week's post, I continue the discussion of invitations. Perhaps Wednesdays will be a discussion of all things paper?

By June, we still had no idea about invitations, other than that we wanted dark paper with light text. My Gatsby had some good options, with a burgundy paper and silver text. Their Jane invitation would fit into our budget. You could get 125 invitations, complete with response cards, for about $200. But somehow, it lacked that bit of pizazz, that bit of flair. They were, in a word, boring.

Now, I know that they needn't be boring.

But their options for burgundy paper with light text were limited to silver or gold. I really wanted white or light colored text. And Calvin did too.

Cue the opposite of boring: Indian Wedding Card. There is a whole thread on indiebride about ordering through this company, and although there are things to watch out for, there are some amazing deals.

Like these blue ones, for $.85/set, including printing.

These lovely cream colored ones, complete with jewels, for $1.25/set.

Gorgeous deep purple for $.85/set.

Or red with a tassle for $.85/set.

All include printing of two inserts. RSVP cards, thank you cards, and the like are also available. Shipping is expensive- somewhere between $50-$100, but given how cheap the cards are in the first place, it is an extremely good deal.

Unfortunately for Calvin and I, none of the invitations exactly go with the mood/vibe/atmosphere of our wedding and reception, so it was back to the drawing board.


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