Friday, December 14, 2007

Say "aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh"

This was me earlier today:

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Okay, that's not actually me, but I did go to the dentist this morning for the first time in quite awhile. (This is what happens when your insurance plan changes and the dentist you've been going to since before you were born retires.)

Anyways, as I was at the dentist earlier today, I remembered something from a trip to the (old, awesome) dentist awhile back.

(Cue smokey haze and nostalgic music.)
I'm reading Highlights magazine in the waiting room, as I wait patiently for my turn to get my teeth cleaned. My mom dropped me off so that I could run in while she parked the car and brought my brothers in. There is a woman getting her teeth cleaned before me, and when she comes out, the hygeinist (I think her name was Sue, but it might have been something else) tells me that the woman is getting married that Saturday, and wanted to come in and get her teeth cleaned so they were pretty for her wedding day. I think it very strange that someone would want to go to the dentist right before their wedding to get their teeth cleaned. Won't regular brushing be good enough?

(Smoke gradually clears and focus is on present day Meg.)

I'm scheduling an appointment in May, not long before the wedding so that I can have my teeth look nice and pretty for the wedding.

Anyone else making a trip to the dentist before the wedding day? Are you doing anything else to prep your pearly whites?

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