Friday, December 7, 2007

Shoe dilemma

You may recall, after much blood, sweat and tears, I found my perfect pair of shoes. Yes, these shoes:

Mr. Dahlia and I are off to see the Nutcracker Ballet downtown tonight. These are perfect shoes to go with the little black dress that I intend to wear. I need to begin breaking them in, and practice walking in them. And I got red shoes in part because I would wear them multiple times after the wedding. Only thing is, the wedding isn't until May.

Is it wrong to wear my shoes before the wedding day? If you were in my shoes (pun partially intended), would you wear them tonight?

1 comment:

R. Schreiber-Reis said...

I hope you are wearing those shoes. Nothing wrong with it, enjoy them.

...please say you wore the shoes! :o)

p.s. how was the nutcracker?