Monday, December 10, 2007

A little bit of shoe help

Thanks to all of the feedback on Friday's post- I did wear my shoes on Friday, and they looked fabulous. (For those that have been following along, I did not wear stockings, and I discovered that I have red nail polish that matches the shoes perfectly, so my toes looked very pretty.)

Given the narrow heel problem that I have, I picked up a pair of these heel liners from Target.

Image found here.

They worked fairly well- my heel did not come out of the shoe at all, and I found the gel cushioning comfortable. Way more comfortable than heel liners that I'd picked up from Payless.

Given the packaging, and how the Kiwi heel liners stuck to the shoe, I thought that I would be able to reuse them in variety of different shoes. Turns out that isn't the case. So be warned: if you do get these heel liners, plan on keeping them in the shoes.

There are a couple of things about my shoes, though, that I learned (and would not have learned if I hadn't worn them). First, I am not used to walking in 3" heels, and while I can do it, I definitely need to practice. Given their height, though, they are pretty comfortable, with decent arch support. And they did not rub or pinch in any uncomfortable way at all, which is a very good thing.

Second issue is my feet have a tendency to slip forward in the shoe. I know there have got to be solutions out there for this, like these:

Foot petals found here.

My only question is how well do these work? Is there another product that works better? What do you recommend to keep your feet from sliding? (I hate to spend money (even $2) on something that isn't going to work.)

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