Friday, May 9, 2008

Down came the rain...

Good News: There is just over a week until our wedding, which means we are clear into 10-day forecast range.

Bad News:

Thankfully, our ceremony and reception are indoors, but I was still hoping to take some pictures around Cleveland's Little Italy. Can't you just imagine the great shots we could get?

From here.

From here.

If it's pouring down rain, I think that walking around town will be a no-go, since I really don't want to trash my dress before the reception. But if it's just drizzling, or a little damp, I think we we could do it, so long as we have a giant umbrella.

What are you doing in case it rains on your wedding day? (And anyone have a suggestion for a giant umbrella?)

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midwest transplant said...

good news! weather forcast changed. now only 20% chance of rain and says "partly cloudy"