Thursday, May 1, 2008

No conflict

Awhile back, Mrs. Tomato mentioned Brilliant Earth in her post about conflict-free diamonds. I wanted to share my brother's experience working with them on his fiancee's engagement ring.

As both of them are laid-back individuals heavily interested (and involved) in sustainable development and social justice, my brother didn't want to involve himself with DeBeers. However, he also knew that DeBeers or not, her wanted to get his lovely fiancee a diamond engagement ring.

After a bit of internet searching, he came across Brilliant Earth, and quickly settled on this ring:

White Gold Halo from Brilliant Earth

Less than 2 weeks later, it arrived at his friend's apartment (my brother knew there was no way it could be delivered to their apartment, as his fiancee gets home from work before him), and a couple of weeks after that, they were engaged.

He's thrilled with the ring, she's thrilled with the ring, and their both happy that it was purchased from a company that provides diamonds ethically.

What are your thoughts about conflict-free jewelry?

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