Tuesday, May 13, 2008

matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match

Last night we were double checking the seating chart, making sure that everyone is seated appropriately (i.e. non-drinkers are not located next to the bar, crazy relatives are separated, that sort of thing.) Reflecting on it as we were lying in bed, we started thinking about which "singles" we could possibly pair up. (It actually reminded me of high school sleepovers.)

No, we're not doing a singles table, as most people naturally fall into a particular group (high school friends, college friends, grad school friends) of people. But Calvin's got this friend from high school, and I've got this friend from college, and well, it seems like they would just be perfect for each other.

I know that this sort of meddling typically doesn't work out very well, but it is so tempting.

Anyone else playing matchmaker at their wedding? (And if you met your special someone at a wedding, please share!)

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