Friday, May 2, 2008

Tracking down the RSVPs

The due date guest responses to our wedding was May 1 (which, as you all probably know, was yesterday). We received 2 more responses in the mail today, which I'll consider on time, since they were postmarked April 30.

Anyways, we have 7 outstanding invitations remaining that are for a total of 17 people. (Yes, this includes a family of 5, where the mother is a reader, the father is our videographer and one of the daughters is our soloist. We know they're coming, but don't know whether they want vegetarian or chicken.) Still, that isn't too shabby, given that we sent out 121 invitations to invite 227 people. That's a response rate of 94%, which is pretty darn good.

Now begins the task of calling those who did not RSVP, and finding out what their intentions are- hopefully, it'll be taken care of by the end of the weekend.

How many of your guests have you had to track down after the RSVP deadline?

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