Monday, May 12, 2008

ride wit me*

No limo for us on our wedding day.** Nope, we're saving a couple of bucks, and using my dad's sweet ride.

My Dad's PT Cruiser Convertible, as seen by Google Street View.

If the weather cooperates (although today's forecast say showers), we'll head out with the roof down.

Image found here.

What is your getaway car? (And if you want to use a PT Cruiser, and happen to live in Australia, you can actually rent a PT Cruiser for your wedding here.)

*My apologies to Nelly
**My limo experience was permanently scarred by a rather unfortunate prom experience, where we had a padiddle limo, where the stereo didn't work, the air conditioning didn't work, it smelled a bit like cigarette smoke, and the windows would roll down but not up. In it were myself and 4 friends, along with our dates. 2 of the dates ended up putting their heads out the window and barking like a dog at passing cars.

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