Thursday, October 25, 2007

linens (and things)

Earlier, I discussed the overall vision/feel we have for the reception, and three things we are looking for: linens, flowers and lighting. Today, I bring you one element- linens.

Here is our inspiration for the tables.

From the Knot.

From New York Magazine.
I know, it's chocolate brown, but it looks like it could be burgundy.

From Grace Ormonde Style.

I have no idea where I got this picture.

I have no idea where this came from.

We are planning on splurging (a bit) on burgundy linens. White, chair length linens are included in the package, and I (we) really like the look of floor length linens. One place I've looked at is BBJ. I contacted them for their pricelist, and floor length tablecloths of the basic polyester variety are $13 for 120" rounds (for the 60" round tables), including shipping and handling. While more expensive linens can be nicer looking, the reason for renting linens is for color, and there is a perfectly lovely shade of burgundy available in the lowest price. For $260, colored tablecloths will make a bigger impact than 2 tall centerpieces will.

Locally, I have found Lasting Impressions Event Rentals, which has the same tablecloths for $16. They also do lighting, and I am awaiting an email from them with their lighting prices and packages. A little bit more money, but the advantage is that someone else would deal with setup and delivery. Our reception venue also has them available for $18, which has the added convenience that we would not have to coordinate with another vendor.

Or we could go through whichever florist we choose, which would be at $25/table.

Who else is renting linens? Do you have any tips or suggestions? Would you recommend saving money by doing it online, or is it worth it to pay more to have someone else take care of it all?


mnc said...

Unrelated... but if you haven't decided on a florist yet, I wanted to urge you to talk to Amy at AC Designs, Not much to her web site, but she has great ideas and is affordable as she works from her home studio. She's been working with me via e-mail...listening..sending me sketched ideas via e-mail...
Check her out!

mnc said...

Colortone: Contact: Todd-Quoted 2k for led lighting (12 fixtures).

Hughies: Contact: Brian-Surveyed my venue. Quoted 1,100 for same led lighting ColorTone quoted. Quoted 1,900 for led plus uplights, ceiling lights, patterns and custom gobo. Also has drapes. Saw a wedding they lit in the courthouse. Gorgeous and professional.

Event Lights: Contact: Dean. Hasn't quoted yet, but I assume will be lowest. Not as high tech as others but does have impressive resume.

Let me know what you find out, too.