Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Old Mission Peninsula, take 2


On Sunday we woke up early, packed up our bags an spent awhile driving around Old Mission Peninsula, which is absolutely beautiful.

Right before we left Chateau Grand Traverse

Driving around.

We saw this gate, and the scene reminded us immediately of that old Windows desktop background picture. (Yes, we are nerds.)


If you look closely, you will see a pair of swans in the water.

We then drove back to Chateau Grand Traverse to taste their wines.

Chateau Grand Traverse

Free tasting for up to 6 wines.
Most of their wines were in the tasty to very tasty range. We were impressed.

Chateau Chantal
Free tasting for up to 6 wines.
The wines were fine, but not knock your socks off amazing. The view, though, is spectacular- you can see both bays from the top of the property. They do weddings here, but are pricey- renting the property will cost you $5000, plus $1000 for coordination, plus renting out all of the rooms of the Chateau, plus linens, etc. You get the idea.

The property is gorgeous.

Bowers Harbor Vineyards
Free tasting of up to 6 wines.
Calvin and I both really liked it- the wines are very tasty, and it is a small, family owned place. Nearly all the wines we tried were excellent. If you call ahead, you can reserve a box lunch of bread, cheese, fruit and other delicious things. Too bad we found that out after we arrived. Calvin also really liked the fact that the owners have a dog, Cooper, that wanders in and around the grounds and tasting room.

Brys Estate

Free tasting of up to 6 wines. Free cheese, crackers and chocolate.
The final stop of the day. The wines were fine- not bad, but nothing to write home about.

And there you have it- our adventures near Traverse City. For those looking to stay within the US for their honeymoon, I would highly highly recommend the area. There are nice beaches, excellent wine and good restaurants. It is an absolutely gorgeous part of the country. Calvin and I are already talking about going back again.

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