Friday, October 19, 2007

You got me in trouble.

Yes, you, readers, I'm talking to you. Why on earth did you have to suggest to me so many fabulous red shoes?

And with all that talk of free shipping, before I could come to my senses, shoes from endless were on their way.




(l to r: Vaneli "Larinda", Unlisted "New Love", Exchange by Charles David "Camisole", Charles David "Baci", Chinese Laundry "Bowie")

Since it is too hard to tell what fancy shoes look like while wearing khakis, naturally, I had to put on a favorite little black dress to really get a sense of what the shoes really look like. Since the wedding really is an excuse to buy amazing red shoes, I have to be able to wear those shoes the next time a fancy occasion comes up.

Warning: Pictures of feet are below.

The first pair by Vaneli were a very bright red color. Overall they looked fine, but nothing to write home about, and I'm really going for fabulous.

Second pair by Unlisted was nice, but the positioning of the straps seemed to make my toes look really long. Comfortable enough, but missing a bit of pizazz.

Third pair but Exchange by Charles David were suggested to me by several people- and they are really pretty shoes. Excellent arch support. Sadly, though, at a heel height of 3.5", they were a bit too tall for me- and didn't have enough red to them.

Fourth pair by Charles David are arguably the most beautiful shoes I have ever worn. Ever. But they pinched my feet some, and at 3.5" high, were again too tall.

And the final pair, by Chinese Laundry. Of all of the shoes, these were absolutely the most comfortable. I liked the fact that the shoes really seemed to hold in my feet. (No duh, Meg. It's because they are more like regular shoes and not the sandals that you have been trying on.) And not to get all matchy matchy, but the color does happen to be the exact same shade as the bridesmaid dresses, only shinier. They are absolutely not as gorgeous as the Charles David shoes. But the more I walked around in them, the more I really liked them.

Only thing is, part of me is still not sure about the criss-crossing in the front. There is a (small) nagging part of me that things that the shoes are more fugly than fabulous.

So, your thoughts. Are the Chinese Laundry shoes fab or fug?


The Salty One said...

Heh. I think as you were commenting on my blog I bombarded your wedding bee post with more shoe stuff. Don't forget you have until May and that there will be tons of new designs coming out for the Spring after Christmas! I bought a few pair myself and sent the ones I didn't like back and it was no problem and I got to feel all extravagant to boot!!

It's do neat to hear about another Cleveland bride and one with the same dress shop and photographer even! I am by no means an expert on wedding planning, but I do live in town and I am planning a wedding I guess so if you need any advice, pointers, dos, don'ts, support, anything, feel free to get in touch--my e-mail is in my blogger profile.

Have a fantastic weekend!

mnc said...

OMG--the Charles David's...

Bisous said...