Monday, October 29, 2007

Thousand Dollar Dress...

I recently stumbled across this site, which has a really different take on wedding dresses. The creator's mother purchased a wedding dress for her that cost $1,000. According to Sonya Neumann, the creator of the site and project,

"I went shopping for a dress with my mother, and in the end, she purchased a thousand dollar dress just for me; just for one day. The thing is, I realize now that it wasn't about the price which I was extremely uncomfortable with; it was about the dress. The beauty, the flow, the sparkles that awoke amidst the light. It was about the vision, my mother's vision, and her maternal desire to create that 'dream day' for her daughter. This was her gift; even if it was in a barn strung with Christmas lights."

Because she hated to see the dress just sit unused in a garment bag, Sonya has embarked on a project to photograph 1,000 individuals wearing her dress. Here are some of her pictures:

What are your thoughts about this project? What do you plan to do (or what did you do) with your dress after your wedding?

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