Friday, October 5, 2007

It's October....

For some, that might conjure up images of leaves, apples and pumpkins. While those are maybe items 2, 3 and 4 that come to mind, the first thing I think of is baseball. I've always been a Tribe fan, but will also root for long-standing baseball teams that haven't won in decades. (If the Indians can't do it this year, I hope the Cubs will, even though it doesn't look good. This also means that I always root for the team playing against the Yankees.)

Jacobs Field (a.k.a "The Jake"). Picture found here.

Last night I gathered up the handful of other Indians fans in town, and we watched (and relished!) in the game together. Upon further reflection this morning, I remembered that Jacobs Field is available for special events. Calvin and I had briefly tossed around the idea of a ballpark wedding, and although both of us are big fans (Calvin even learned to walk at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium!), it didn't feel completely like us.

That said, I did a little investigating about having weddings at The Jake. It turns out that not only does it host special events, but it has extremely complete wedding packages available here. The most basic package is for a ceremony over homeplate, pictures in the dugout and on homeplate and use of a scoreboard. The most elaborate package includes most everything anyone could think of, including a DJ, limo and the opportunity to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at a game!

Check out this 2006 wedding at Jacobs Field:

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