Monday, November 5, 2007

Another source of inspiration

There are a lot of places to find inspiration for weddings- a whole host of blogs that focus around design and/or weddings as well as the website of bridal magazines. One of my favorite blogs, however, is one that deals strictly in fashion and photography- The Sartorialist. Consider the possibilities that a single picture could have:

A color palate of rich greens, cocktail reception with lots of martinis. Not a whole lot of flowers, maybe some candles.

Vintage/classic sort of feel- I imagine this afternoon affair taking place in a country estate, or perhaps in a library. Favors could be used penguin classic books- you can often get them for .$50 or less at Amazon.

Smaller wedding, with reception held in a modern restaurant. Good food and good drinks, not a whole lot in the way of decor. Fun, laid-back but still stylish.

Wedding held outside at a country club, with a brunch reception to follow.

Outside, tented reception taking place in May, with mint juleps for everyone.

What are your favorite non-wedding related sources of inspiration?

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