Friday, November 9, 2007

The shoe search...

Is done!

Yes, after all of my trials and tribulations about shoes, it seems that my search is just about over. After my wonderful success at returning a whole bunch of shoes to Endless, I made a trip to Target to see about the Hollywould shoes. Actually, it was a trip to two different Target stores. One didn't have any of the Hollywould shoes, and the second store only carried the red color up to a size 9. I did manage to try on a size 9.5 and 10 in black, and determined that the 9.5 pinched a bit, and the 10 was a bit too big. And the bow on the back of the shoe did look a little cheap. And the red was a bit too bright. Basically, they were not the right shoes for me.

So, I went back to Endless and ordered the Nine West Jojus shoes. I thought about ordering both a 9.5 and a 10, but figured that it would be actually cheaper to order them separately, if the 10 didn't fit, since Endless is offering shipping for -$5. So I ordered the size 10, and they arrived. And are (almost) perfect, I think.

(No stockings this time, because I'm think I'm keeping these!)

The color is exactly what I have been envisioning, and while I was a bit wary of the heel height, I can actually walk around them just fine. The fabric in the front is extremely soft and doesn't pinch or rub at all. There is one problem which you can see from the pictures- the shoe doesn't fit very well in the heel. Now, it may not look like it, but my heel is actually all the way at the back of the shoe. (I really do have narrow feet. And just like my mom, ridiculously small ankles. Seriously. I have no need to worry about eventually getting the puffy, swollen ankles so many older women have to deal with. It's just not a possibility for me.) Since the shoe fits fine, length-wise- I'm not slipping out of the shoe, there's just some space there- I was thinking about getting something to better secure my heels/ankles.

Awhile back, a several readers suggested that I check out Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz. Now, I hate spending money on something that won't solve my problem, but do you think that this would work? Is there another product that works better?

And finally, how do you like my shoes? Fug or Fab?


liz said...

They are beautiful. I guess the word is fab. Well worth the search

Bisous said...