Thursday, November 1, 2007

reception surprise

There are a whole lot of things that you can do at a reception to surprise guests- unusual desserts, an unexpected tribute to a family member, or fun activities (like a photobooth!). Or you can do what a fellow blogger did:

How awesome is it to pull off a "spontaneously" choreographed dance? Basically, the bride and groom choreographed the dance with the members of the bridal party that lived in town, sent out instructional DVDs to everyone else, and rehearsed it the night before the wedding. More detailed directions are given here.

Calvin and I had originally said no cheesy group dancing (seriously, this was on our list of "have nots" that we made before we even told our parents that we were engaged), but seeing this dance has made us (at least temporarily) reconsider.

What are your thoughts about group dancing at weddings? And do you have any fun surprises planned that you don't mind sharing?

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mnc said... and my fiance are planning to exit our ceremony to a really fun, upbeat, classic party song--kind of to symbolize that the party is getting started! (Our ceremony and reception are in same venue so they literally go "straight" to cocktails after our ceremony.
Also, I am walking down the aisle with my mom!
And lastly, for the bridal party and our grand entrance into the reception, we are going to form a 'soul train line'!!lol
Those are our surprises:)