Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"I've got to get busy writing - busy, busy, busy!"

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Just like Professor Hinkle in Frosty the Snowman, I've got to get busy writing. We've got the final wording of our invitations to edit, as well Christmas cards to write and then address. I've got the added "benefit" of writing a final paper and grading as well. In addition, of course, to the non-writing tasks that lay before us, like shopping for presents, and taking care of miscellaneous wedding details, like ordering cardstock and envelopes. All in all it makes for a busy time for Calvin and I.

Now, my way of coping with all of these thins to do is to make endless lists of all of the tasks I need to do. I have post-it notes on my computer, a to-do list in my planner, and various notes to myself placed in strategic locations so I don't forget to do the things I need to do. The lists are for everything- the wedding things we need to take care of, the specifics of how much of what wedding related things we need, what assignments I have due and when I plan to work on them, what things around the house I need to take care of before this weekend, and what I need to pack in my suitcase when I leave in a couple of hours to go back to Cleveland. What can I say? I am a list maker.

Now, I know that not everyone makes lists for every.single.little.detail, so I'm really curious to hear about your organizational strategy. How are you staying organized with all of the responsibilities that are present at this time of year?

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elizabeth said...

i can't be without my blackberry - ever. i keep everything in there and set reminders to myself using outlook. that way to check my email i at least have to click through the reminders!