Thursday, September 6, 2007

an engagement ring for him?

Yes, folks. Although the ring on Calvin's left ring finger appears to be a wedding band, it is in fact an engagement ring.

When it was evident to both of us that we would be getting engaged, I asked Calvin what it was that he wanted for our engagement. I didn't feel that it was fair that I get a ring, and he gets, well nothing beyond the joy of knowing that we're getting married. Guess what his response was?

Yes, he wanted a Wii. I told him that was not exactly what I was thinking, and that I wasn't planning to buy him something that would be obsolete in a couple of years. I was thinking something that would last, maybe along the lines of a watch. Calvin surprised me a bit, and said that he wanted a ring as well.

So on my last day in town before Christmas last year, I dragged Calvin to the jewelry store- the same store where we got my original ring- and said that he had to pick one. Today. For a bit of background, he had looked at rings several times, and had been wavering for several weeks about which one he wanted.

This is what he picked:

Corinthian by ArtCarved.

Like my ring, it is made in Palladium.

Calvin really likes wearing a ring. I've been asking him lately about whether he wants another ring as a wedding ring, or whether he wants to use the same ring. He hasn't figured that out yet.

Did you get your fiance something for your engagement? If he has a ring, will he use that as his wedding ring, or is he getting a separate wedding ring?

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Calvin said...

left is right and right is left. :)