Friday, September 21, 2007

Just shoot us! Part 1

With film, that is. Aside from booking the church and reception venue, booking the photographer was the most important thing for us. Calvin and I both spent a lot of time looking at various photographers in the Cleveland area. Having determined that we wanted photos done with more of a photojournalistic approach, and figured out our budget, we basically narrowed it down to three. (In Cleveland, as I've mentioned before, you don't necessarily have the panoply of options that you have on the coasts). One other important thing for us was a disk of the high resolution images, so that we could reprint all the pics we wanted.

I now present to you the runners' up in this pageant :-)

Rob Rife- you can view his blog here
His rates are on the lower end, with two packages: $1,400 or $2,100. The main difference is whether you get printed proofs and an engagement session, or just a disk. Even the cheaper package is for 10 hours at unlimited locations.

Steven Mastroianni- visit his blog here.
As you would expect, his prices are higher. Packages range from $1,500 for six hours at one location and a disk of the images to $4,450 for unlimited locations and time, 4"x6" proofs of the images, and a professional coffee table style album. The same package minus the printed proofs and album is $2,750. The images on his website are very polished and magazine ready.

Now, we didn't actually meet with either of these photographers, as we wanted to meet our first choice first. And as they say, the rest is history. Stay tuned to find out who the mystery person is.

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