Friday, September 14, 2007

Jetting off...

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Calvin and I are jetting off to the nation's capital for the weekend.

And while we still haven't completely finalized our honeymoon plans yet (as we still have to book our flights), we know with whom we will be booking.

You see, we will be traveling quite a distance for our honeymoon, and it is important to us that we have good service when flying internationally. When I moved to Germany, I flew British Airways- which I know is not perfect, but they did provide me with socks and a sleep mask for the 6 hour flight. Not only did I get dinner and breakfast, but I also got breakfast on my connecting flight from Heathrow to Stuttgart. For us (and for this trip), we are willing to pay a bit of a premium for better service and care while flying.

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you know that I check tripadvisor before I book any hotel. Something else to consider is looking at the quality of the airline with whom you will be traveling, especially if it is on a really long-haul flight. Skytrax provides reviews and rankings of airlines. They also offer reviews of airports, airline lounges, and seats.

Skytrax's 5 Star Airlines
Asiana Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines
Cathay Pacific Airways

If you are flying for your honeymoon, how did you choose your airline?

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