Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oh, the places we'll go, part 3

Part 1- What we were looking for
Part 2- So Calvin vetoed Mexico.

"But what about Spain?" we thought to ourselves. So many people have said that Barcelona is amazing.

And you can rent out really nice apartments for way cheaper than you would get in a comparable hotel. Check it out here.

Just a sample of what is available:
Studio apartment in Las Ramblas for 120 euros, or roughly $160.

Nice kitchen

very chic bath

and your own private terrace!

And if we wanted beach time, there is always the Canary Islands.

The above pictures are from the Hotel Palm Beach, which has the modern, design styled rooms shown below. This place has decent tripadvisor ratings.

Or if you want something more traditional, consider the Hotel San Roque, also with good tripadvisor reviews.

The regular room.

Or splurge on the tower room.

Complete with its own terrace

that has views of the ocean.

But after some discussion, we decided that Spain was not the place for us- partly because we wanted more hotel like amenities, and partly because Calvin had fallen in love with someplace else.

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