Thursday, September 27, 2007

Make your own wedding rings!

I just came across this amazing place. New York Wedding Ring, located in both New York and in San Francisco, lets you make your own wedding ring or engagement ring. How cool is that? The price strikes me as being a bit on the high side, but think about how awesome it would be to tell the grandkids that not only is your wedding ring completely original (you can design it yourself), but that you also made it with your own hands?

Now, these rings definitely do not look "homemade" at all.

Palladium rings

Palladium ring with gold inlay

Diamond and Peridot Engagement Ring

Blue cultured diamond engagement ring

In case you didn't notice, you have the opportunity to make rings in palladium, in addition to gold and platinum. So not only can you DIY, but you can DIY out of a really awesome metal as well. If Calvin and I were located on either coast (alas! we are not, but will be in the next five years if all goes according to plan), we would definitely consider doing this.

How do you feel about making your own wedding ring?

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