Thursday, March 13, 2008

Invitations - Part 2 - Color Crisis

Part 1 - The Inspiration

I initially used Open Office Draw to design our relatively simple invitations (the screen shots have been edited in paint):

The invitation. Simple, formal, perfect. Designed to be 8.5" by 5.5"

The response card, inspired by Mrs. Gummi bear's. Calvin really wanted something to demonstrate that would make sure that the invitations didn't feel too "stuffy." Designed to be 5.5" by 4.25"

Business card with the address of our (fairly extensive) website. It was much easier (and cheaper!) to just include that in the invitation than to have several insets with directions and accommodations. Especially since most of the people invited live in Cleveland.

A quick word about the invitation design:
All of the text and images are actually fonts, from We used Tagettes for the text, and Im Fell Flowers letter "P" for the damask-looking watermark. Vegiterra letter "C" provided the carrot image, and LCR on the Farm letter "C" was the chicken image.

Now, I'd heard extensively that offset printing can produce slightly different color results than what appears on the computer monitor, as CMYK (offset printing) colors are different from RGB (computer monitor) colors. We ran a couple of "test prints" with all of the various inkjet and color laser printers we could to test colors, and they came out fine. But just to be on the safe side, I ordered a "test print" of 100 business cards from Overnight Prints. (I know that a lot of people use VistaPrint, but I wanted a matte finish to the cards.) Much cheaper to test print with those than with the whole invitation suite.

This is what we got:

Nice looking, if chocolate brown was our primary color. But it's not. And this is clearly not red.

So I consulted the New Big Book of Color, and changed some things around. And ordered another test print:

This was more reminiscent of hemorrhoids than anything else.

I was frustrated. I was a little bit panicky. And desperate times called for bringing in the reinforcements...

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