Monday, March 31, 2008

To peek or not to peek?

I think in preparation for the shower, Calvin's mom happened to point out that there were some unintentional repeats on a couple of our registries. (No, we did not intend to register for two hand mixers.)

So in the process of editing the registries, I happened to notice the gift tracker feature that both Dillard's and Williams-Sonoma have. Basically, it tells you who purchased what gift. Checking just to see how it worked (and figuring the only thing on there would be the down comforter), I happened to see that some gifts have been purchased.

Now, I'm really excited to be getting some of our china, but I also feel a little...guilty. Like I've sneaked a peek at Christmas presents in mid-December, and now Christmas morning won't be nearly as much fun.

But right now, I feel like that kid that can't possibly stand to wait one more minute to see what Santa has brought. Yesterday another UPS box was at our door, and my shower is this weekend. But I would also hate for Saturday to roll around and there be very little in the way of surprises.

Did sneaking a peek at your registry take away any of the fun of opening up gifts?

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