Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thank you notes

Way back before our invitations were finished, I found myself getting antsy one night to just take care of a wedding project.

I present to you the recipe for our simple but tasty thank you notes.

The Dahlia's Thank You Notes

1 stack of cardstock (I got ours from Office Max)
1 embosser*
1 paper cutter
envelopes (Ours are from Envelope Mall. They are leftover from our response card envelopes.)

The supplies

Cut the paper in half:

Fold. Align your folded cardstock in the embosser. I used it one piece of cardstock as a guide, although there are probably more accurate ways to make sure your embossing is centered.

Press down on the embosser, and presto! One thank you note down.

A close up:

To make things even fancier, we've also taken to embossing the envelopes.

And that's it. Inexpensive, simple but elegant thank you notes.

What are you doing for your thank you notes?

(*author's note: Our embosser came from Wilshire Graphic Press. I got lucky and won it in a contest.)

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