Friday, March 7, 2008

Stardream vs. the Pen

I'm using Stardream envelopes for my invitations (purchased at the fabulous

For those of you that have used Stardream paper, you may be familiar with the fact that it is both difficult to print on and nearly impossible to write on. For those of you that haven't, well, it's difficult to print on and nearly impossible to write on permanently, since it is a coated paper.

I'd decided awhile ago that I would actually hand address all the invitations (and the return address, and the response card envelope- yes, my hand is sore), so I spent some time searching for a pen that would write nicely and permanently on Stardream paper. My usual arsenal of ink pens didn't work, nor did a fine point Sharpie marker.

Stardream 2, Pen 0

Cue the Sakura Glaze Pen:

Designed specifically for non porous surfaces, the ink becomes slightly raised when it dries- like very light embossing. The only trick is that you have to write slowly and let the ink dry before you touch it.

Stardream 2, Pen 100000 (because it totally conquered the Stardream).

The best deal for them that I found was at, where you can get a two pack for $2.53. I started out with a single two pack in black, but that proved that it was not going to be nearly enough. (Each pen, on average for me, worked for about 65 or so addresses.) But the final result is very nice. (Pictures will be coming next week, after the invitations are sent!)

How did you address your invitations? Did you write them by hand, use a calligrapher or print them?

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