Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where to sit?

One of the things that we hope to get started on soon is a seating chart for our guests. Yes, we know that our invitations haven't gone out yet (but will be in the mail early next week!), but I've heard that it is easier to make a seating chart ahead of time and then modify it as people say they can come in than it is to start from scratch after the RSVP deadline.

Which brings us to one of our wedding "problems" that we have put off addressing more or less since we got engaged. Where do we sit? We've nixed the idea of a traditional, last supper-style head table. We also aren't too fond of having a sweetheart table. And we want our attendants to be seated with their significant others, as they will be coming from out of town and will not know many people (if any) people at the wedding.

Here's the lineup of players:
Us (Calvin and Meg)
Maid of Honor + boyfriend (from out of town)
Bridesmaid 1 (my brother's girlfriend) + Groomsman 1 (my brother)
Bridesmaid 2 (Calvin's sister) + boyfriend
Best man + girlfriend (from out of town)
Groomsman 2 (my brother; girlfriend is out of the country and won't be in attendance)

Which leaves 11 of us. Not a problem, right?

Except that we have round tables that seat 10. Further complications is that there may be a mini-reunion of friends of Maid of Honor whom she hasn't seen in years, and mini-reunion of friends of Best Man whom he hasn't seen in a couple of years.

Where are you sitting at your wedding? And where should we sit at our wedding?

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