Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Calvin and Meg's Fun Day!"

We were out to dinner this past weekend with some friends of ours, and the topic of our upcoming wedding came up.

They decided that we are not having a wedding, but rather are having "Calvin and Meg's Fun Day!"

Necessities for "Calvin and Meg's Fun Day!" include the following:

Cotton Candy


Balloon Animals

Funnel Cakes and Elephant Ears

Dunk Tank
- imagine the "trash the dress" possibilities!

Other necessities would be pony rides and a petting zoo.

The honest truth is, for some time we did speculate how all of this would work for our hotel ballroom reception- and we decided that the ponies might have some difficulty with the stairs. Nevertheless, it was fun to think about "Calvin and Meg's Fun Day!" in place of the formal reception that we've got planned.

What does your "alternative universe" reception look like?

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