Friday, February 15, 2008

I've gone and chopped it off

My hair, that is.

You have to understand that my hair fluctuates with considerable regularity between these two lengths.


(taken in Playa del Carmen with my mom last month)
And short:

(Brandenburger Tor about 5 years ago, although my hair has been cut this short 2-3 times since then)

I decided that the ends were looking pretty scraggly- a good indication that it's time for a haircut. Yes, I've been "growing my hair out" for the wedding, but a year and a half ago, it was shorter than the short hair pictured above. Now it's a good inch longer than the long hair picture above. (Yes, my hair grows somewhere in the neighborhood of an inch a month.)

I mean, it was longer than that picture. When I went to the salon today, I said that I wanted to get as much taken off that would still let me have some sort of french twist for the wedding. I came back looking like this.

(FYI: I have no makeup on in this pic. It's not a good representation of what my face generally looks like, but it is a pretty decent pic of my hair.)

Anyone else get their hair cut shorter before the wedding? (And who cut their hair after the wedding?)

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