Monday, February 25, 2008

I changed my mind

You may recall my earlier post about our wedding rings. Well, I need to come clean, because those aren't actually our bands. Yes, we did ordered them. But I kept thinking that the 4mm milgrain was too wide, and that the 2mm was too narrow. 3mm would have been perfect, but they just didn't make it that width.

So we (I) decided (why did I do this?) to check out the rings at the ever popular Tiffany & Co. (You might say that this was actually a result of the browsing I did after reading the comments of the earlier post. With so many people getting their rings there, I just had to check it out online. Readers, I think you may be a bad influence on me.)

And what was there, but this lovely ring?

Milgrain wedding band, 3mm

It was perfect. Narrow, but not too narrow. Delicate, but not too delicate. A little bit cheaper than the other ring (since it does, after all, have less metal in it.) And the milgrain is incredibly detailed.

And of course, Calvin decided that he wanted to switch rings as well, so that ours would still match. (This actually meant that his ring was more expensive, but oh well. You only do this once, right?)

Because of the timing (our other rings had not yet come in), we were able to obtain a full refund for canceling the order of our first set of rings. This is one of only a couple of times during the wedding planning where I've changed my mind about something after I've made a purchase. Luckily, in each case, we've been able to make a return for a full refund.

What have you changed your mind about during the wedding planning process? If it was something you purchased, were you able to get a refund?

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