Thursday, February 7, 2008


Dear readers,

I need your help.

I'm getting married in t-4 months, and I figured out this week that I haven't given any thought to my veil.

That's not entirely true. I've given a little thought, but not much.

Here's what I know:
I will be wearing a veil for the ceremony, but will not wear it for the reception.
It will be attached to something like this:

I hope my makeup doesn't look like this. Or my hair, for that matter.

Vintage wedding cap available for auction here.

Yes, I know that wedding caps are not at the height of fashion- and I must confess, originally I had not planned to wear a veil. But as my mom is showing me her wedding mementos, she pulls out her (ivory) veil, which is attached to a headpiece very similar to the one above.

It was my mother's. And my grandmother's. And my great-grandmother's.

I have to wear it.

My mom had replaced the lace to match her wedding dress, and I am free to do the same- I'm looking at covering with silk shantung, to match my dress.

My dress.

The question is, though, what to do with the veil part? It looks like I should replace it, since it is quite a bit more ivory than my dress is. I just have no idea how long it should be, or what type. I spent some time looking at, and was thoroughly mystified by the sheer types of veils. Extra fullness? Cascade? Oval cut? Angel cut? I thought the only variables were length and fabric.

To make things even more challenging, the only picture of my dress on an actual bride that I've been able to dig up is found through Etsy seller beadifulthings (who has some really beautiful things in her shop!).

I'm not sure what length the veil is, but it is definitely on the longer side. The ceremony will be in a cathedral, so I could go for the cathedral length veil. I just don't have any real sense of what I want, or what would work with my dress.

What sort of veil are you wearing? What would you recommend for me?

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Jennifer said...

I know nothing about these things, but my mom also had one of those caps with her wedding dress, and I love the retro style. I think it might be a little strong if you covered it with a solid piece of fabric, and it might be nice to save your mom's lace. As far as style, i think you should play off the modernity of your dress. Avoid anything very full, reminds me of 80s snow beasts. Not sure about the length, but obviously not longer then the dress train. I kind of like "finger tip" length, because any longer I feel like the dress might get lost.

Btw I love reading this blog. I honestly never really thought about my own wedding before, but my roommate was looking at the site over my shoulder and said "I think this girl stole your style" haha. see you in May!