Monday, February 11, 2008

Postage Increase...what should I do?

I just saw that the price of a first class stamp is supposed to increase by one cent to $.42, beginning May 12.

Now, the RSVP date for our invitations is May 1, although the wedding date is after the increase. The most logical solution, of course, would be to use the forever liberty bell stamp.

You, liberty bell forever stamp, are just not interesting enough for my invites.

But I would really like to use some of the much more fun looking $.41 stamps. Like any of these:

Star Wars

Tiffany glass


Do you think I should use the forever stamps on the response card envelopes, even though their design is not so cool? Or is there enough time before the postal rate hike to use the prettier, more interesting stamps?


Jan said...

Forever, because it is symbolically appropriate

Julie said...

I say pick something you think is pretty and ignore the postage increase! The post office usually allows a grace period after a rate hike for those of us who take some time to clue in, so your mail will still arrive even if it's one cent short :)
Good luck!