Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Holy Tuxedo, Batman!"* (and a weekly update)

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We're getting married!

It occurred to us, well, yesterday, that this is January. We're getting married in May. February, March, April...May. 4 months.

Weren't we just at six months last week? Where did that time go? How the crap are we going to get all of this stuff done in the next couple of months? I'm not talking just about optional things. No, it's things like addressing invitations, booking hair and makeup, and Calvin getting his attire together. Yikes.

I could use some help here (or at least the knowledge that there are others who are feeling totally and completely overwhelmed.) Suggestions? Tips? Anyone else feeling inundated with the number of things that need to be taken care of?

(On the "lose a bit of weight to fit into the dress so it doesn't need alterations" front, this past week was a success and a failure. "Success" because I lost some weight- even if it was due to a stomach bug that I got just before leaving for Mexico. Failure, because I didn't exercise at all due to said stomach bug.)

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