Wednesday, January 30, 2008


That's right, folks. We have purchased our wedding rings.

We had a really good experience with Calvin's Artcarved engagement ring, and decided that we wanted to stick with Artcarved for our wedding rings- because of the guarantees and their lifetime resizing promise. So we went to look at rings last week, and placed our order this week. In the process of doing this, we learned that January is one of the slowest months of the year for jewelers, so it is a lot easier to negotiate prices.

So. On to the goods.

It's important to note that I specifically did not want a wedding ring with stones (diamond or otherwise.) We do quite a bit of traveling, and I would rather have a non-flashy wedding ring that I can wear all the time than to have a separate ring for travel.

Given the no bling requirement that I had, we also decided to get matching bands. Now, I know that matching bands is something that very few people seem to do these days, but...we just liked the idea.

My ring (4mm milgrain):

Calvin's ring (5mm milgrain):

(both images from here.)

Did you and your fiance/husband opt to get matching rings? Why or why not?

*apologies to Frank

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