Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Registry take 2: Household items

After taking care of the kitchen gadgets, it was time to move onto other items.

While it may seems silly to register for things like towels or sheets, we only have one set of sheets that really fits our bed (the other doesn't have pockets deep enough for our mattress), and our towels are basically what we used in college (i.e. they have oh so lovely bleach marks due to clearasil and they don't match. I know that they still function fine without matching, a part of me really would like them to match.)

At the recommendation of our mothers, we also decided to register for china. Calvin and I are inheriting my great-grandmother's china (the set is round plates with a platinum band), but it would also be nice to have a set that is dishwasher safe. I grew up in a house where china and silver were used at least once a month for special occasions, so I knew that I wanted to register for silver as well.

Since we live in Michigan but are getting married in Ohio, we also wanted to make sure that we registered at a place that was in both places. We checked out Bed, Bath and Beyond, but they don't carry silver. Turns out many other places also do not carry silver. So we turned to the ubiquitous Macy's, although neither of us are really big fans of the store.

(I really liked Kaufman's and Marshall Fields better than "the new" Macy's. There's something about Macy's that just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's the way that they went about the conversion to a single brand. Or how they failed to do market research on the Midwest and were confused when sales were down after the conversion. Or how corporate seems to look down on those of us from the middle of the country. We're not country bumpkins just because we live in "flyover country.")

Figuring that the Macy's at the Somerset Collection would have the largest selection, we made a trip out there.

We arrived at the store, and were directed to their bridal registry department, which included multiple desks with various registry...attendants? experts? helpers? set up to help out registering couples. The woman we spoke with was helpful (and I liked the feature of the registry that suggested how many items to register for based on the number of invited guests), but some things bothered me. Calvin was originally placed as the primary registrant (we've gone out of our way to make it evident that he is an equal part of this) but the woman switched it so that I was the primary registrant, since the primary receives a free subscription to Modern Bride magazine. This was annoying. There was another bride and groom who had come in with a large number of returns, and greater attention was paid to them. (They looked wealthy. They were returning really expensive gifts. And she had a very large engagement ring. I'm not saying that they received better service because they had money, but it appeared that way.)

But we were given a well-made red bag (same as what Miss Bubblgum received), which was nice bonus.

We were also given a scanner gun, and were sent on our merry way.

Choosing sheets and towels was fairly easy, as was choosing our silver pattern.

Rosepoint by Wallace Silversmiths

China was another story. We didn't see anything that really caught our eye. Over the holidays, we kept going back to Macy's (in a whole variety of locations- both in Michigan and Ohio), and just didn't see anything that we loved, which was a bit annoying.

I also learned while visiting a store in Cleveland that no store in the area actually carries silver in stock- which was the whole reason for registering there. This was annoying.

Finally, their online registry, much like Williams-Sonoma, seemed to be down quite a bit of the time. And neither of us really liked that the registry was tied to weddingchannel.com.

On a whim while in Cleveland, we decided to check out another department store for china- and we ended up closing our entire Macy's registry as a result of the china.

Anyone else register at Macy's? What was your experience?

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