Friday, January 25, 2008

Honeymoon Part 6: We've booked our flights!

You may recall that it has taken us awhile to figure out exactly where to go on our honeymoon. "Why so long to blog about it, Meg?" you may be asking yourself. Well, I wanted to make sure that we had our flights booked and all of our hotels figured out before I sharing.

(Honeymoon parts 1-what we want, 2-Mexico, 3-Spain, 4-Greece and 5-Turkey.)

In addition to those above, we also considered Argentina, Thailand and Japan.

And then we finally settled on our place: Bali. (And Singapore- since we get a free stopover with Singapore Airways, and want some big city fun.)

Image from Wikimedia

Image from Saptatours

Image from Younan's blog

You see, after all the research that we were doing (and the declining value of the dollar against several currencies), we realized that we would be spending so much on airfare that for not a whole lot more, we could fly to Asia.

I've never been to Asia. Calvin spent three weeks in India with his best friend (his best man) and his family. On the way there and back, they spent some time in Bangkok. But he has never been to other parts of Asia, and really wants to go. (As do I!) And Bali seems to provide the best of all of the places we considered: good food, beach, culture, someplace new, and the possibility of a big city adventure.

We're spending 4 nights at the Elysian Bali Villas. Located in Seminyak, it is near (but not on) the beach, and close to lots of restaurants and more upscale tourist attractions. (In other words, it's not near the college backpacking crowd. Which is good. I did the whole drunken college student thing for a couple of days in Ios, Greece, and that was plenty for me. For life.)

Bedroom looks good...

Complete with our own private pool!

I think I could handle this living room....

We will then be spending 4 nights in Ubud (cultural mecca) in the center of the island, at the Komaneka Resort.

Check out that view!

Overlooking the rice paddies!

In case we tire of the staring at the rice paddies and decide to venture out in the world, there is a lot to do.

Like go to the Sacred Monkey Forest.

Who doesn't want to see monkeys?

And after we leave Ubud, we are headed to Singapore for 4 nights, staying at the Fairmount Singapore (formerly Raffles the Plaza).

The room- pic from

The view (every room comes with a balcony!) - pic from

Needless to say, both of us are psyched for this trip. Seriously. I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the wedding or about the honeymoon. Anyone else feel really excited about the honeymoon? (And anyone else want details about planning such a trip? We did it without a travel agent, and I'd be happy to share my tips.)

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Trips said...

I want to go to Bali for my honeymoon too! Where did you book the resorts through? I want to make sure that I am not getting cheated by a fake website or anything! It sounds soo amazing. I actually want to take the exact same trip with the stop in Singapore. Are you switching airlines? Thanks!