Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Weekly check in

It is Wednesday, which means that it's time for an exercise update. (After last week's post, there was some interest in a weekly check in, so here goes.)

I successfully ran two miles on Thursday (and by successfully, I mean I ran everywhere the sidewalks/roads were plowed;' there was maybe a quarter mile where I walked because it's just too hard to run in 8 inches of snow.)

Friday was some at home strength training, and I did more of the same on Monday.

Not to shabby considering the sadness/craziness of the past few days.

More on that will come. (Perhaps a compare/contrast of weddings and funerals, since the same people attend both? Or why everyone at a funeral wants to talk about wedding planning? Or how cute the ring bearer and flower girl will be at the wedding of "Aunt Fun", the nickname I was given after we made pillow forts together in the basement of the funeral home?)

How else has everyone fared in their exercise plans for this week?

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