Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Day Beauty

I scheduled my hair and makeup trial for Saturday, just before my shower. (If you are doing hair and makeup trials, I'd highly recommend scheduling them for some sort of occasion, so there is a reason for getting beautified.)

I headed to Studio Palmieri, located in the Warehouse District in Cleveland. The studio was chosen strictly based upon location- it is only 3 blocks from the hotel where I will staying the night before the wedding. When I was speaking with one of the receptionists on the phone, she decided to set me up with the amazing Dena to do both my hair and makeup.

For the hair, I just wanted a simple french twist. Dena graciously offered to take pictures of every angle of my hair, so that if I want something changed for the wedding, I'll be able to tell her exactly what I want done differently.

The back

Right side

Left side

Front, without makeup.

As far as makeup goes, I said that I really wanted my eyes to pop. I brought along my own mascara, as well as my own lip gloss so that she could see the sort of color that I typically wear.

Pretty makeup! That looks nothing like my prom makeup, thank goodness!

With my best friend.

Self portrait 12+ hours later, when I'm thoroughly exhausted. (With not great lighting. In my childhood bedroom. Yes, the walls really are purple.)

Looking at the pictures now, the couple of things that come to me is that I'd like the top of the french twist to be not quite as open, so that the view from the left side looks a little bit neater. I'd also like the hair on the right to be tucked in a little bit better, so it doesn't come out by the end of the evening.

Do you see anything that should be changed with my hair and makeup?

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